Dateline: June 26 2019, Brookline MA

surprise surprise, I’m pooped

i know 9 hours to some is a long drive, to others it’s not so bad. But preface that with 3 long days of early starts and late-late nights checking off to-do list items barely faster than more are added, while already running on fumes, and before that throw in 3 weeks of roaming to get to know a new city, some late night post-concert collegial hangs with new friends

and keep the stress level generally high as rental leases are signed and schools are visited and professional concerts come and go at a pretty quick pace… yeah..

of course, it’s me who’s keeping me up right now writing this silly blog entry!

and it was totally worth it to be back in kw to take care of my kids again for a few days on my own with them, as their last days of school in this community come and go, launching them on into their next everything.

Tomorrow, the family reunited and we explore beantown. This weekend, we relax on cape cod with friends. Monday, I fly to Jackson Hole Wyoming and they head north to my in-laws in Gatineau QC. Mid-July, we reunite again for a day of Uhaul packing and chamber music empty-house-partying before my son and I drag what remains of our stuff across Canada.

watch this space!