Dateline: Edmonton AB, June 11 2019

10 days to go, then back to Kitchener. It’s been a whirlwind trip. Tasked with finding a place for our family to live, and a school with a compatible IB program for my son, and a school with the right sort of support system for my daughter, I took advantage of last week’s lighter schedule to roam the city searching and researching and meeting and viewing and interviewing and checking off the crucial to-do list items one by one.

I roamed mostly by foot and I must admit I’m liking this city. It doesn’t hurt to have had several sunny warm days in a row while I was out and about. But even when it rained, it was nice to be out. I think I’ll dump a bunch of photos here to show off just how nice it’s been.

Oh, hold on - it was only nice for a couple of days and then Edmonton got really smokey because of the several big fires burning about 400km north.

On the worst day of smokiness I stayed indoors as much as possible, but I still had some wandering to do, and eventually the smoke cleared, and I got back to it…

See? Lots of beautiful views. But I wasn’t just sightseeing. I found a couple of school options for my daughter and a great place for my son. And the staff/principals are (so far) all so nice and helpful! Little by little the stress has been falling away, and things are lining up nicely.

Oh - and we’ve been playing concerts and I’ve been hanging out with my new colleagues, having fun making new friends (yay me! :)

That’s enough for now. Sunday we played with Thorgy Thor. Today we played with YONA Sistema. Tomorrow we begin rehearsals for the last Masterworks program of the season - Scheherazade, Swan Lake, and Rachmaninov’s Variations on a Theme of Paganini.

watch this space!